Optimize LTL Shipping Decisions with SMC³ Solutions

LTL freight industry technology addresses your toughest challenges

Designed to help optimize LTL shipping decisions across the supply chain, SMC³ LTL freight industry technology delivers proven solutions to address less-than-truckload’s toughest challenges. From jump-starting class-based and/or density-based price negotiations to managing rate complexity to simplifying the RFP process, SMC³ delivers proven solutions backed by 80 years of understanding the LTL supply chain.

Let SMC³ be your guide to the best LTL freight industry technology for your specific LTL needs. Whether you are a shipper, 3PL, carrier, or technology provider seeking LTL subject matter expertise, SMC³ addresses these pain points to optimize LTL shipping decisions:

Real-time Shipment Visibility

Automate dispatch and get real-time shipment visibility with comprehensive LTL APIs that ensure a streamlined workflow from initial dispatch through tracking to final delivery

Learn more on the Execution and Visibility LTL APIs product page

Jump-start Price Negotiations

Jump-start price negotiations with the most widely used carrier-neutral LTL Rate Benchmark for Pricing Agreements in North America

Learn more on the CzarLite® XL product page

Manage Rating Complexity and Logic

Manage rating complexity and logic for both class and density rates, with the fastest, most comprehensive rating and pricing LTL freight industry technology of its kind

Learn more on the RateWare® XL product page

Optimize LTL Shipping Decisions

Optimize LTL shipping decisions with the most accurate, comprehensive, up-to-date LTL transit times and carrier service details available

Learn more on the CarrierConnect® XL product page

Simplify the LTL RFP Process

Simplify the LTL RFP process with SMC³ technology to automate, facilitate and manage the bid process between carriers and shippers/3PLs

Learn more on the Bid$ense® XL product page

Expedite Rate Analysis

Expedite rate analysis with our rapid rating tool, accurately rating or rerating thousands of LTL freight bills simultaneously for multiple rate scenarios, including density-based rates

Learn more on the BatchMark® XL product page

Assign Accurate and Timely Freight Classification

Assign accurate and timely freight classification to assure accurate shipment rating

Learn more on the FastClass® product page

As a Carrier, Make Your Best Operational and Strategic Decisions

As a carrier, make your best operational and strategic decisions by benchmarking against the National Traffic Database

Learn more on the NTD page

As a Carrier, Tap the Potential of SMC³’s LTL Data to Make Smarter Decisions

As a carrier, tap the potential of SMC³’s LTL data to make smarter decisions, including creating and updating Independent Pricing Adjustments (IPAs)

Learn more on the Data Services page

SMC³ Hosted Technology Solution

Learn how SMC³ delivers our secure, accurate web-based LTL freight industry technology – using load balancing, batch processing and authentication – to help you avoid hardware compatibility issues, give you security and control, and enable easy integration with your critical business systems.