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Product Number Tariff Name Effective Date
21591AACT 501, US/US10/31/2016
22261AACT 501, US/US07/17/2017
21546ABF 504-AM, US/US08/29/2016
22230ABF 504-AN, US/US05/22/2017
21547ABF 514-AG, US/CN08/29/2016
22231ABF 514-AH, US/CN05/22/2017
23167ABF 514-AI, US/CN04/16/2018
17786ABFL 500-Q US/US12/01/2012
20087ABFL 500-R US/US01/12/2015
22401AGCE 500, US/US10/02/2017
21365AGCE 500, US/US07/06/2016
22817ALUK, US/US12/18/2017
19035ALUK, US/US02/17/2014
21760AVRT A-Rate, US/US, US/CN11/07/2016
22384AVRT A-Rate, US/US, US/CN08/21/2017

*Please Note: Pricing may vary for custom shipper tariffs with multiple geographies; data modules are designed for use in the SMC³ RateWare and SMC³ BatchMark products.