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Product Number Tariff Name Effective Date
23940AACT 501, US/US02/25/2019
23150AACT 501, US/US04/23/2018
23166ABF 504-AO, US/US04/16/2018
23938ABF 504-AP, US/US02/04/2019
23167ABF 514-AI, US/CN04/16/2018
23939ABF 514-AJ, US/CN02/04/2019
23757ABFL 500-T US/US05/01/2018
23986AGCE 500, US/US04/01/2019
23258AGCE 500, US/US08/06/2018
19035ALUK, US/US02/17/2014
22817ALUK, US/US12/18/2017
23153AVRT A-Rate, US/US, US/CN05/07/2018
23915AVRT A-Rate, US/US, US/CN03/04/2019
21867BCKT, US/US,US/CN01/01/2017
22680BCKT, US/US,US/CN01/01/2018
22490BRTC 500 US/US04/01/2017
23270BRTC 500 US/US06/04/2018
22609CENF 2000, US/US, US/CN04/01/2018
23853CENF 2000, US/US, US/CN01/12/2019
19763Cranston Trucking US/US11/01/2014
18815Cranston Trucking US/US12/01/2013
23897CTS 599, US/US, US/CN, CN/CN01/28/2019
23072CTS 599, US/US, US/CN, CN/CN03/05/2018
22833DAFG 2000, US/US, US/CN01/02/2018
23885DAFG 2000, US/US, US/CN01/14/2019
21528DATS 500, US/US, US/CN09/12/2016
22983DATS 500, US/US, US/CN02/12/2018
23214DAYR 505, US/CN08/01/2018
19991DBDE, US/US02/09/2015
17541DBDE, US/US10/01/2012
22986DHE 1000 US/US03/18/2018
23878DHE 1000 US/US02/03/2019
23879DHE 2000 US/US02/03/2019
22591DHE 2000 US/US12/25/2017
23178DHRN 50008/14/2017
18361DHRN 50008/05/2013
22974DYLT 507 AN, US/US02/26/2018
23904DYLT 507 AO, US/US02/04/2019
23854EXLA 550 US/US, US/CN02/18/2019
23449EXLA 550 US/US, US/CN05/07/2018
16337FFI 101B US/US, US/CN05/02/2011
23168FFI 101D US/US, US/CN04/26/2018
23327FFI 101E US/US, US/CN09/03/2018
16920FFITPLB US/US, US/CN02/06/2012
17196FFITPLC US/US, US/CN06/11/2012
23115FTSC US/US04/30/2018
24036FTSC US/US05/01/2019
23995FWDA2019 Tariff US/US, US/CN, CN/CN03/25/2019
17422FWDN, US/US, US/CN, CN/CN01/01/2012
23304FXF 1000, US/US, US/CN01/07/2019
22314FXF 1000, US/US, US/CN01/01/2018
22316FXF 501 US/US, US/CN01/01/2018
23306FXF 501 US/US, US/CN01/07/2019
23309FXF EZONE US/US, US/CN01/07/2019
22320FXF EZONE US/US, US/CN01/01/2018
22421FXF PZONE US/US, US/CN01/01/2018
23308FXF PZONE US/US, US/CN01/07/2019
23843HRCF 500, US/US, US/CN01/01/2019
22733HRCF 500, US/US, US/CN01/01/2018
19325HWEP 500, US/US08/01/2014
20510HWEP 500, US/US08/24/2015
23882JPXS 500, US/US02/05/2019
22367JPXS 500, US/US09/05/2017
21413LMEL 500C, US/CN08/01/2016
21414LMEL 500C, US/US08/01/2016
23868LMEL 500D, US/CN12/30/2018
23869LMEL 500D, US/US12/30/2018
22676MDLD US/CN01/01/2018
23852MDLD US/CN01/01/2019
23763MIDW 555, US/US,US/CN06/18/2018
22433MIDW 555, US/US,US/CN09/15/2017
23743MRNO US/US09/15/2018
23742MRNO US/US08/01/2017
21046MXFS US/US01/01/2016
23851MXFS US/US01/01/2019
20314NEBT 500 US/US, US/CN06/15/2015
21854NEBT 500 US/US, US/CN11/20/2016
23116NEMF 510, US/US, US/CN04/02/2018
23891NEMF 510, US/US, US/CN02/04/2019
22379NMTF US/US10/01/2017
23328NMTF US/US10/01/2018
22970NPME, Sec. 4, US/US,US/CN02/19/2018
23990NPME, Sec. 4, US/US,US/CN03/25/2019
23991NPME, Sec. 7, US/US,US/CN03/25/2019
22971NPME, Sec. 7, US/US,US/CN02/19/2018
23325OAKH 500 US/US, US/CN12/03/2018
22254OAKH 500 US/US, US/CN07/03/2017
22989OAKH 500 US/US, US/CN03/01/2018
22255OAKH 510 US/US, US/CN07/03/2017
23169ODFL 505, US/CN06/04/2018
24049ODFL 505, US/CN05/01/2019
23172ODFL 559, US/US06/04/2018
24047ODFL 559, US/US05/01/2019
23198OVLD 502, US/CN05/21/2018
24142OVLD 502, US/CN05/13/2019
23209PENS 500-18, US/US, US/CN07/01/2018
23892PENS 500-19, US/US, US/CN02/02/2019
24002PITDF US/US,US/CN03/02/2019
23135PITDF US/US,US/CN02/25/2018
23223PYLE Sec. 6 US/US, US/CN07/09/2018
23988PYLE Sec. 6 US/US, US/CN03/04/2019
22978QXTI 625 US/CN01/01/2018
22031QXTI 625 US/CN01/01/2017
22939RDFS 501, US/US, US/CN02/19/2018
22221RDFS 501, US/US, US/CN06/05/2017
17369Riegel Transportation US/US09/01/2012
16610Riegel Transportation US/US07/28/2011
23966RLCA US/US, US/CN02/18/2019
23137RLCA US/US, US/CN03/26/2018
22394ROSI 501-AK09/18/2017
23300ROSI 501-AL09/24/2018
23188SAIA 5700-AB, US/US, US/CN05/21/2018
23962SAIA 5700-AC, US/US, US/CN02/18/2019
23156SEFL 550, US/US05/14/2018
23936SEFL 550, US/US03/04/2019
23155SEFL 551, US/CN05/14/2018
23935SEFL 551, US/CN03/04/2019
23919SMTL 500, US/US,US/CN02/11/2019
23017SMTL 500, US/US,US/CN02/26/2018
22683SST 0100 US/US11/20/2017
23807SST 0100 US/US11/19/2018
23321SVSE 500, US/US10/01/2018
22386SVSE 500, US/US09/18/2017
23425TILL 500, US/US,US/CN03/03/2018
23810TILL 500, US/US,US/CN12/15/2018
13907Titan Freight08/01/2009
24140TST OVLD 507 US/CN05/13/2019
23199TST OVLD 507 US/CN05/21/2018
23943UPGF 525 US/CN02/18/2019
23082UPGF 525 US/CN03/26/2018
23083UPGF 560 US/US03/26/2018
23944UPGF 560 US/US02/18/2019
22811UPPN 50001/08/2018
23821UPPN 50001/02/2019
18961US Logistics02/01/2014
23828USF 502, US/US,US/CN,CA Intra01/02/2019
22968USF 502, US/US,US/CN,CA Intra02/19/2018
23994VOLT 500, US/US03/13/2019
22972VOLT 500, US/US02/05/2018
22796WARD 500, US/US,US/CN01/01/2018
23322WARD 500, US/US,US/CN10/01/2018
18264WFRW 500-V US/US, US/CN07/15/2013
19164WFRW 500-W US/US, US/CN04/21/2014
20330White Arrow US/US05/01/2015
22679WKES US/US11/27/2017
23250WKES US/US07/16/2018
23822YRC 551, US/CN01/02/2019
22964YRC 551, US/CN02/19/2018
23823YRC 557, US/US01/02/2019
22965YRC 557, US/US02/19/2018

*Please Note: Pricing may vary for custom shipper tariffs with multiple geographies; data modules are designed for use in the SMC³ RateWare and SMC³ BatchMark products.