Bid$ense® Facilitates Carrier RFP Processes

Automation optimizes the bidding experience for carriers

LTL and truckload carriers hate playing the sourcing guessing game. When carriers submit procurement responses through Bid$ense, they receive a complete and accurate picture of a shipper’s freight. Carriers benefit from clean and detailed bid data, allowing them to pick freight that fits their networks. Everybody wins when supply is closely matched with demand, and carriers can allocate capacity where it’s truly needed.

In order for carriers to offer the most competitive price, they must have confidence in the volume and characteristics of the business out to bid. The end result of using bid automation is more efficiency in network planning for the carriers, which results in lower rates and better service for shippers.

Bid$ense enables carriers to be more flexible with their pricing, keeping accessorial charges to a minimum and providing lane-specific discounting.

With the power of Bid$ense, carriers can:

  • Receive the shipment detail necessary to optimize pricing and minimize risk
  • Use a standardized tool for bid analytics
  • Reply with appropriate granularity in the bid response

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Take the first step toward a better bidding process with SMC³’s Bid$ense® Demo.

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“We’ve found that Bid$ense® makes the process as painless as possible for all the parties involved in the bid. It’s obvious that Bid$ense® was written by transportation people for transportation people.”Richard Ellis, Vice President of Pricing

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