Increase Supply Chain Agility with SMC³ LTL APIs

Instant visibility and improved efficiency – all from the cloud

The SMC³ Platform is the underlying LTL fuel for transportation management systems and the single integration point for all carrier rate, transit and service information.

Designed to optimize the complete LTL shipment lifecycle, the SMC³ Platform combines the blazing speed and dependability of the industrial-strength Analytical APIs RateWare® XL and CarrierConnect® XL with carrier-integrated Execution and Visibility APIs.

Download the infographic to learn more about how SMC³’s LTL APIs can optimize the shipment lifecycle.

SMC³ Execution and Visibility LTL APIs:

  • Gain complete visibility to spot market pricing from an array of carriers with volume LTL pricing. To learn more, download the infographic.
  • Integrate directly to freight transportation carriers and enable real-time shipment communications that ensure an orchestrated process between shipment dispatch, status and documents.
  • Bring order to various carrier terminologies by standardizing vocabulary across status codes and document types.
  • Go beyond simple connectivity to deliver service orchestration, automate workflows and provide event-based notifications.
  • Empower users with:
    • Orchestrated dispatch
    • Streamlined workflows
    • Automatic shipment status
    • Real-time shipment visibility
    • Proactive response
    • Instant proof of delivery

Delivered through the proven SMC³ cloud – which handles millions of transactions every day – the SMC³ Platform allows customers to choose the level of LTL API computing power to match their business needs.

SMC³ Execution and Visibility APIs Deliver:

More automated
shipment visibility
Instant proof
of delivery
“SMC³ has a unique blend of carrier-integrated APIs that offer real-time shipment communication, and industrial-strength pricing and transit analyses that will enhance our LTL offerings and client experience.”

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