BidSense®: Freight transportation procurement

Streamline LTL and truckload sourcing with SMC³’s bid tool

Transportation procurement is an integral part of the modern supply chain, and success requires a strategic implementation plan. Industry stakeholders focused on optimizing the RFP process turn to Bid$ense, a cloud-based solution for over-the-road freight transportation sourcing and pricing negotiation.

Manually handling strategic procurement events costs significant time and money. Bid$ense automates transportation procurement processing, increasing the scope of each bid. Customers with LTL RFPs routinely generate responses from nearly 30 carriers. This wider scope has benefits for all parties involved.

With Bid$ense, customers can leverage SMC³’s lifetime of transportation technology expertise to incorporate pricing, claims ratios, on-time performance and transit times into bidding analysis requirements.

Simply LTL and Truckload bidding with SMC³’s premier
bid tool Bid$ense®:

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“It has transformed the process of managing bids with providers. As a result, we are able to invite more applicants in order to identify even more savings in the future.”John Dilibero, Transportation Manager