Optimize LTL Shipping Decisions with SMC³ Solutions

LTL freight industry technology addresses your toughest challenges

Designed to help optimize LTL shipping decisions across the supply chain, SMC³ LTL freight industry technology delivers proven solutions to address less-than-truckload’s toughest challenges. From jump-starting class-based and/or density-based price negotiations to managing rate complexity to simplifying the RFP process, SMC³ delivers proven solutions backed by 80 years of understanding the LTL supply chain.

Let SMC³ be your guide to the best LTL freight industry technology for your specific LTL needs. Whether you are a shipper, 3PL, carrier, or technology provider seeking LTL subject matter expertise, SMC³ addresses these pain points to optimize LTL shipping decisions:

Real-time Shipment Visibility

Automate dispatch and get real-time shipment visibility with comprehensive LTL APIs that ensure a streamlined workflow from initial dispatch through tracking to final delivery

Learn more on the Execution and Visibility LTL APIs product page

Jump-start Price Negotiations

Jump-start price negotiations with the most widely used carrier-neutral LTL Rate Benchmark for Pricing Agreements in North America

Learn more on the CzarLite® product page

Manage Rating Complexity and Logic

Manage rating complexity and logic for class and density rates, and UPS and FedEx small-package pricing, with the fastest, most comprehensive rating LTL freight industry technology of its kind

Learn more on the RateWare® XL product page

Optimize LTL Shipping Decisions

Optimize LTL shipping decisions with the most accurate, comprehensive, up-to-date LTL transit times and carrier service details available

Learn more on the CarrierConnect® XL product page

Simplify the RFP Process

Simplify the RFP process with SMC³ technology to automate, facilitate and manage LTL and truckload bid processes between carriers and shippers/3PLs

Learn more on the Bid$ense® product page

Expedite Rate Analysis

Expedite rate analysis with this rapid rating tool, accurately rating or rerating thousands of LTL freight bills or small-package shipments simultaneously for multiple rate scenarios

Learn more on the BatchMark® XL product page

Assign Accurate and Timely Freight Classification

Assign accurate and timely freight classification to assure accurate shipment rating

Learn more on the FastClass® product page

As a Carrier, Make Your Best Operational and Strategic Decisions

As a carrier, make your best operational and strategic decisions by benchmarking against the National Traffic Database

Learn more on the NTD page

As a Carrier, Tap the Potential of SMC³’s LTL Data to Make Smarter Decisions

As a carrier, tap the potential of SMC³’s LTL data to make smarter decisions, including creating and updating Independent Pricing Adjustments (IPAs)

Learn more on the Data Services page

As a Carrier, Analyze Costs and Eliminate Pricing Issues

As a carrier, analyze costs and eliminate pricing issues to achieve super freight costing visibility

Learn more on the Cost Intelligence System page

SMC³ Hosted Technology Solution

Learn how SMC³ delivers our secure, accurate web-based LTL freight industry technology – using load balancing, batch processing and authentication – to help you avoid hardware compatibility issues, give you security and control, and enable easy integration with your critical business systems.