Digitalize LTL Shipments with SMC³ LTL APIs

Automate the shipment lifecycle with freight transportation visibility solutions

SMC³’s API solutions allow freight transportation stakeholders to digitalize the LTL shipment lifecycle from quote to delivery. Whether via seamless integration to an existing transportation management system or the SMC³ cloud-based LTL GO application, shippers and 3PLs can:

  • Receive contract and spot market pricing, and transit times, from multiple carriers at the click of a button
  • Digitally schedule pickups conveniently and quickly, receiving immediate confirmation
  • Track and trace in-transit shipments and inventory via real-time messaging
  • Automate invoice generation, and view and download digital documents including weight certification, proof of delivery, bills of lading and other critical shipment information

Leading TMS providers like 3Gtms, MercuryGate and BlueYonder partner with SMC³ to provide their customers with unmatched LTL freight shipment expertise.

Don’t have a TMS? No problem. With LTL GO, shippers and 3PLs can access shipment visibility and document retrieval capabilities in an easy-to-use web application. LTL GO users can connect to numerous carriers to obtain price quotes, schedule pickups, check shipment statuses, and receive digital shipment documents using a single online solution.

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Why Digitalize the Shipment Lifecycle?

Automating freight transportation tasks reduces inefficiencies. With SMC³ LTL APIs, all shipment information is stored in the same location, using the same digital format, making the freight auditing process a breeze.

SMC³ has spent decades as a trusted, proven supply chain partner, serving the freight transportation industry and its stakeholders with reliable guidance and unrivaled technology tools. Download the infographic to learn more about how SMC³’s LTL APIs can optimize freight transportation shipments and meet a variety of supply chain business needs.

Learn how SMC³ Execution and Visibility APIs go beyond simple connectivity while providing real-time shipment communications:


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“SMC³ has a unique blend of carrier-integrated APIs that offer real-time shipment communication, and industrial-strength pricing and transit analyses that will enhance our LTL offerings and client experience”

The SMC³ Platform

The Single Source for LTL Pricing and Transit Information

The SMC³ Platform empowers 3PLs and Shippers of any size to successfully navigate and optimize the LTL shipment arena. Choose the level of computing power based on your specific needs and operating environment with a technology platform offering the best of all worlds.