Benchmark Carrier Operations to the Marketplace

National Traffic Database (NTD)

The best carriers always strive to do better, starting with benchmarking their success. SMC³’s NTD (National Traffic Database) provides participating SMC³ carrier members with confidential benchmarking information to optimize operations and strategic decisions. With NTD, carriers can compare their shipment metrics against industry participants and mine aggregate data to perform shipment, operational and business analytics:

  • Compare expansion and contraction of industry volume
  • Evaluate potential market penetration and conduct competitive analyses
  • Map revenue gains/losses geographically and determine competitive regional pricing
  • Analyze traffic lane yields and track market share changes
  • Model pricing strategies and measure the impact of marketing initiatives
  • Evaluate terminal networks relative to freight flow; optimize equipment and traffic lanes
  • Manage sales territories based on potential revenue and market conditions and develop sales incentive programs

Participating carriers supply individual shipment data – including weight, revenues, mileage, ton-miles, shipments, and pieces – and receive monthly, quarterly and annual reports to compare their operations to the marketplace. Carriers receive composite data of the entire group, as well as their own company data.

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