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SMC³ Introduces Density-Based Pricing to BatchMark® XL Batch Rating Tool

PEACHTREE CITY, GA. – SMC³ has added density-based pricing to BatchMark XL, a powerful rating tool that enables customers to rate and re-rate thousands of less-than-truckload freight bills in seconds.

By incorporating both density and classification pricing modules, BatchMark XL provides LTL carriers, shippers and third-party logistics providers instant access to increased pricing content for analysis, freight bill auditing and conducting “what if” scenarios against multiple tariffs. The ability to access LTL rates for analysis using both classification and density pricing also allows customers to adapt to global business standards.

An analytical API powered by the SMC³ Cloud, BatchMark XL provides users access to a dynamically updated content library of more than 4,000 pricing modules.

SMC³’s multi-route five-server network means customers have access to unparalleled speed and redundancy, providing 24/7 reliability and multiple layers of comprehensive network and data security.

“To maximize productivity, large shippers, 3PLs and other customers need secure technology solutions with rapid response times. BatchMark delivers accurate, dependable data at unrivalled speeds,” said SMC³ President and CEO Andrew Slusher. “By adding density rating to BatchMark XL, we’re making an essential LTL rating solution even stronger.”

About SMC³

SMC³ is a hub of expertise in the LTL arena. Fueled by heavyweight, analytical APIs, SMC³ delivers its core competency – LTL pricing expertise – through collaborative pricing technology that supports end-to-end, ongoing predictability in shipper/3PL-carrier relationships. More than 5,000 North American shippers, carriers, logistics service providers and freight-payment companies rely on SMC³’s sophisticated LTL base rates, content, and expert bidding and planning tools to make the best business decisions, achieve higher returns on their transportation investment, and meet the dynamic demands of the market. Through hosted API solutions, SMC³ supports the entire supply chain with industry-leading speed, reliability and performance. SMC³: Investing a lifetime to help optimize freight transportation.

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