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SMC³ Profiled in Upcoming Episode of ‘Innovations with Ed Begley, Jr.’

ATLANTA – SMC³ is proud to announce it will be featured in an upcoming episode of “Innovations with Ed Begley, Jr.” Two SMC³ partners, MercuryGate and C.H. Robinson, also appear on the program to talk about how the company’s solutions have transformed the LTL industry by simplifying complex, onerous processes.

Premiering on Fox Business News on April 15, SMC³ is profiled as part of an episode focused on innovation and advancements in the field of supply chain technology.

“Innovations” is an award-winning program devoted to cutting-edge technology, spotlighting companies across a wide variety of industries that are committed to changing the game by using innovative solutions to solve complex issues. During the episode, SMC³ President and CEO Andrew Slusher and Marketing Director Beth Malik give viewers a complete picture of SMC³ and its role in the supply chain.

Representing MercuryGate, an industry-leading provider of transportation management systems, Monica Wooden, the firm’s co-founder and CEO, explains how SMC³ is an essential partner for TMS providers. SMC³ equips companies like MercuryGate with reliable data and technology solutions that cover the entire LTL shipment lifecycle. Logistics expert Greg West, vice president of LTL at C.H. Robinson, says he views SMC³ as a key component in the LTL supply chain. As a third-party logistics provider, C.H. Robinson works with SMC³ to manage large amounts of big data, translating this material into usable information.

“The bedrock of SMC³ is a dedication to facilitating communication among all industry participants, and we do this by providing reliable, best-in-class solutions that streamline the entire LTL shipment lifecycle,” Slusher said. “We’re continually analyzing how we can best utilize the SMC³ Platform to introduce advanced solutions that simplify the inherent complexity of LTL shipping and adapt to the constantly evolving supply chain industry.”

About SMC³

SMC³ is a hub of expertise in the LTL arena. Fueled by heavyweight, analytical APIs, SMC³ delivers its core competency – LTL pricing expertise – through collaborative pricing technology that supports end-to-end, ongoing predictability in shipper/3PL-carrier relationships. More than 5,000 North American shippers, carriers, logistics service providers and freight-payment companies rely on SMC³’s sophisticated LTL base rates, content, and expert bidding and planning tools to make the best business decisions, achieve higher returns on their transportation investment, and meet the dynamic demands of the market. Through hosted API solutions, SMC³ supports the entire supply chain with industry-leading speed, reliability and performance. SMC³: Investing a lifetime to help optimize freight transportation.

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