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Xpress Global Systems Rolls With TCG

ATLANTA – TCG, an SMC³ company, providers of activity-based costing and Profitability Management Tools™ for truckload and less-than-truckload motor carriers, today announced that Xpress Global Systems is implementing its LTL Cost Information System (LTL/CIS).

“TCG’s reputation for providing cost information that can be used to accurately analyze costs and confidently adjust our operation and pricing will help us be a more competitive and efficient provider,” said Eric Nyberg, director of pricing and customer service at Xpress Global Systems. “We need to capture cost information in a more timely manner and have the ability to see what is impacting our costs in real time. With TCG, we will be in a better position to make adjustments to cover anticipated and unanticipated costs, and improve our profitability.”

Xpress Global Systems, headquartered in Chattanooga, Tennessee, is a provider of diverse and focused transportation solutions and is a premier, one-stop floor coverings logistics provider. The company is currently in the process of updating TCG’s LTL/CIS with current cost data, and it plans to begin using the software to analyze terminals, accounts, loads and lanes from a yield or profitability standpoint.

LTL/CIS contains unit costs and statistics developed directly from a general ledger and operating data. Carriers using LTL/CIS for pricing may also have a separate model with budgeted or projected unit costs, and a separate record for each terminal containing specific unit costs. LTL/CIS is available as a stand-alone or Local Area Network system for Microsoft Windows operating systems.

“We fully expect XGS to quickly realize the exact impact from our software’s capabilities that they expected when they chose to adopt LTL/CIS,” said Ken Manning, founder of TCG. “We are pleased they have recognized that our software can provide dramatic revelations about costs and that they can look forward to using it to improve their profitability.”

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