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SMC³ Updating Select Product License Fees, Effective January 1, 2022

CarrierConnect® XL and RateWare® XL licenses will be increased by 5%

SMC³, the LTL industry’s leading logistics technology provider, recently announced a 5% pricing adjustment for RateWare® and CzarLite® license fees, effective January 1st, 2022.

“SMC³ remains committed to delivering exceptional solutions, innovation and expertise to our customer’s needs throughout the entire shipment lifecycle,” said Brian Thompson, SMC³’s Chief Commercial Officer. “This decision was made to best serve our customers in the face of rising operating costs, and two ensure our products are exceeding enhanced security requirements.”

RateWare XL, utilizing SMC³’s pricing science, is backed by SMC³’s accumulated lifetime of LTL knowledge. The solution helps businesses:

  • Optimize rating of both density and classification LTL pricing and services
  • Quickly conduct rate and bid analyses
  • Improve invoicing accuracy
  • Easily integrate the solution into TMS modeling and other enterprise‐wide business and supply chain applications

CarrierConnect XL gives customers the most accurate and timely LTL transit information for each step in the shipment process – from shipment planning to delivery. The product enables shippers and 3PL’s to:

  • Identify carrier operational capabilities, including points of service, transit times and terminal‐to‐ terminal networks
  • Compare full‐service portfolios of a wide variety of LTL carriers
  • Access transit information in both calendar‐day and transit‐day format
  • Analyze historical transit data for use in future shipment planning

SMC³ customers have been contacted and notified about this change. The products will continue to provide logistics intelligence solutions supporting customer’s evolving needs throughout the entire shipment lifecycle.

About SMC³

With its range of transportation technology solutions that integrate seamlessly into current business systems, SMC³ supports customers as they grow, whether they’re dealing with 10 or 10,000 freight movements per day. Shippers and 3PLs use SMC³’s peerless solutions to optimize their freight spend, achieve unrivaled shipment visibility and streamline their transportation planning, saving time and money on their supply chain requirements throughout North America.

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