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*Please Note: Pricing may vary for custom shipper tariffs with multiple geographies; data modules are designed for use in the SMC³ RateWare and SMC³ BatchMark products.

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Product Number Tariff Name Effective Date
25885AACT 501, US/US11/01/2021
25884AACT 501, US/US02/01/2021
26839AACT 501, US/US, US/CN01/16/2023
27214AACT 501, US/US, US/CN08/14/2023
25674ABF 504-AR, US/US01/25/2021
26699ABF 504-AT, US/US11/07/2022
27304ABF 504-AU, US/US10/02/2023
25675ABF 514-AL, US/CN01/25/2021
26701ABF 514-AN, US/CN11/07/2022
27306ABF 514-AO, US/CN10/02/2023
23757ABFL 500-T US/US05/01/2018
27051ABFL 500-U US/US01/04/2021
25120AFFRT2020 US/US, US/CN05/01/2020
26338AGCE 500, US/US02/01/2022
27004AGCE 500, US/US02/01/2023
26259AVRT A-Rate, US/US, US/CN01/03/2022
26801AVRT A-Rate, US/US, US/CN01/02/2023
26257BRTC 500 US/US04/01/2019
25827BRTC 500 US/US04/01/2020
24511CDTT US/CN11/15/2019
26228CENF 2000, US/US, US/CN11/16/2020
26408CTS 599, US/US, US/CN, CN/CN03/28/2022
27005CTS 599, US/US, US/CN, CN/CN01/16/2023
26286DAFG 2000, US/US, US/CN01/03/2022
26824DAFG 2000, US/US, US/CN01/02/2023
24311DATS 500, US/US, US/CN09/30/2019
25631DATS 500, US/US, US/CN02/01/2021
26245DAYR 505, US/CN01/17/2022
26591DAYR 505, US/CN10/31/2022
27301DAYR 505, US/CN10/30/2023
25790DBDE, US/US06/28/2021
24974DHE 1000 US/US02/02/2020
23878DHE 1000 US/US02/03/2019
23879DHE 2000 US/US02/03/2019
24976DHE 2000 US/US02/02/2020
23178DHRN 50008/14/2017
26224DYLT 507 AS, US/US11/15/2021
26486DYLT 507 AT, US/US07/18/2022
27268DYLT 507 AU, US/US09/26/2022
27272DYLT 507 AV, US/US10/02/2023
26684EXLA 550 US/US, US/CN01/02/2023
26447EXLA 550 US/US, US/CN11/29/2021
26302EXLA 550R, US/US, US/CN11/29/2021
26685EXLA 550R, US/US, US/CN01/02/2023
27116Expediri 500, US/US05/15/2023
23327FFI 101E US/US, US/CN09/03/2018
24504FFI 101F US/US, US/CN10/07/2019
26461FTSC US/US07/01/2022
27123FTSC US/US08/01/2023
25636FWDA2019 Tariff US/US, US/CN, CN/CN, US/MX, CN/MX02/01/2021
25641FWDF2019 Tariff US/US, US/CN, CN/CN02/01/2021
27044FWRA2021 Tariff US/US, US/CN, CN/CN01/16/2023
25972FWRA2021 Tariff US/US, US/CN, CN/CN11/01/2021
25850FXF 1000, US/US, US/CN01/03/2022
26550FXF 1000, US/US, US/CN01/02/2023
26552FXF 501 US/US, US/CN01/02/2023
25852FXF 501 US/US, US/CN01/03/2022
25856FXF EZONE US/US, US/CN01/03/2022
26556FXF EZONE US/US, US/CN01/02/2023
26568FXF MX Intra D2D01/02/2023
26260FXF MX Intra D2D01/03/2022
26554FXF PZONE US/US, US/CN01/02/2023
25854FXF PZONE US/US, US/CN01/03/2022
27336GLS US 202311/20/2023
25380HRCF 500, US/US, US/CN01/01/2021
27102HRCF 500, US/US, US/CN10/01/2022
25810HRCF 500, US/US, US/CN07/15/2021
26401JPXS 500, US/US04/01/2022
27076JPXS 500, US/US04/01/2023
26463Lubenow Transportation Services (US/US)06/01/2022
26274MDLD US/CN01/01/2022
26673MDLD US/CN01/01/2023
26587MIDW 555, US/US,US/CN02/01/2022
26973MRNO US/US01/16/2023
26309MRNO US/US01/01/2022
21046MXFS US/US01/01/2016
23851MXFS US/US01/01/2019
26850NAC US/US & US/CN01/09/2023
26284NAC US/US & US/CN01/01/2022
26546NMTF US/US10/01/2022
25860NMTF US/US10/01/2021
25993NPME, Sec. 4, US/US,US/CN11/08/2021
26563NPME, Sec. 4, US/US,US/CN10/03/2022
25995NPME, Sec. 7, US/US,US/CN11/08/2021
26565NPME, Sec. 7, US/US,US/CN10/03/2022
27086OAKH 500 US/US, US/CN05/01/2023
26398OAKH 500 US/US, US/CN05/02/2022
26271ODFL 505, US/CN01/03/2022
26777ODFL 505, US/CN01/03/2023
26775ODFL 559, US/US01/03/2023
26269ODFL 559, US/US01/03/2022
26288OVLD 502, US/CN12/06/2021
27021OVLD 502, US/CN11/07/2022
24520PCXL 525 US/CN01/01/2020
25733PCXL 525 US/CN03/08/2021
26348PENS 500-22, US/US, US/CN02/14/2022
26569PENS 500-22B, US/US, US/CN10/24/2022
27252PENS 500-23, US/US, US/CN10/01/2023
27008PITDF US/US,US/CN02/01/2023
26299PITDF US/US,US/CN01/01/2022
27073PYLE Sec. 6 US/US, US/CN01/02/2023
26301PYLE Sec. 6 US/US, US/CN01/03/2022
22978QXTI 625 US/CN01/01/2018
24988QXTI 625 US/CN01/01/2020
27507RDFS 1000 US/US, US/CN, US/MX09/01/2023
26234RDFS 501, US/US, US/CN11/29/2021
22939RDFS 501, US/US, US/CN02/19/2018
25633RLCA US/US, US/CN01/25/2021
26966RLCA US/US, US/CN01/16/2023
26031RLCA US/US, US/CN11/01/2021
27253RLCA US/US, US/CN09/15/2023
25241ROSI 501-AN09/21/2020
25883ROSI 501-AO10/02/2021
26333SAIA 5700-AF, US/US, US/CN01/24/2022
26963SAIA 5700-AG, US/US, US/CN01/30/2023
26278SEFL 550, US/US01/10/2022
26823SEFL 550, US/US01/09/2023
26273SEFL 551, US/CN01/10/2022
26822SEFL 551, US/CN01/09/2023
25222SEFL 699, US/US08/14/2020
25783SEFL 699, US/US05/15/2021
26676SMTL 500, US/US,US/CN01/03/2022
26836SMTL 500, US/US,US/CN01/02/2023
26827SST 0100 US/US11/28/2022
27242SST 0100 US/US09/25/2023
24301SVSE 500, US/US10/01/2019
25861SVSE 500, US/US09/30/2021
26584TFS1022 US/US10/01/2022
27273TFS1023 US/US10/01/2023
25576TILL 500, US/US,US/CN01/18/2021
13907Titan Freight08/01/2009
24140TST OVLD 507 US/CN05/13/2019
23199TST OVLD 507 US/CN05/21/2018
27256UPGF 525 US/CN10/02/2023
26679UPGF 525 US/CN11/14/2022
26677UPGF 560 US/US11/14/2022
27257UPGF 560 US/US10/02/2023
27294UPPN 50011/20/2023
26791UPPN 50001/09/2023
26258UPPN 50001/03/2022
25581USF 502, US/US,US/CN,CA Intra02/01/2021
26562USF 502, US/US,US/CN,CA Intra10/03/2022
25977USF 502, US/US,US/CN,CA Intra11/08/2021
23994VOLT 500, US/US03/13/2019
24509VOLT 500, US/US10/14/2019
26960WARD 500, US/US,US/CN02/01/2023
27262WARD 500, US/US,US/CN10/04/2023
26433WARD 500, US/US,US/CN05/16/2022
26008WKES US/US04/25/2022
25543WKES US/US11/23/2020
25577YRC 551, US/CN02/01/2021
25973YRC 551, US/CN11/08/2021
26558YRC 551, US/CN10/03/2022
26674YRC 551, US/CN & YRC 557, US/US11/08/2021
25578YRC 557, US/US02/01/2021
26559YRC 557, US/US10/03/2022
25974YRC 557, US/US11/08/2021