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*Please Note: Pricing may vary for custom shipper tariffs with multiple geographies; data modules are designed for use in the SMC³ RateWare and SMC³ BatchMark products.

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Product Number Tariff Name Effective Date
26333SAIA 5700-AF, US/US, US/CN01/24/2022
26963SAIA 5700-AG, US/US, US/CN01/30/2023
26823SEFL 550, US/US01/09/2023
26278SEFL 550, US/US01/10/2022
26822SEFL 551, US/CN01/09/2023
26273SEFL 551, US/CN01/10/2022
25222SEFL 699, US/US08/14/2020
25783SEFL 699, US/US05/15/2021
26676SMTL 500, US/US,US/CN01/03/2022
26836SMTL 500, US/US,US/CN01/02/2023
26827SST 0100 US/US11/28/2022
27242SST 0100 US/US09/25/2023
25861SVSE 500, US/US09/30/2021
24301SVSE 500, US/US10/01/2019